Fireboy’s “Peru” Remix Is Nothing Special, Just Hype — Do You Agree?

I suppose this is a very unpopular one since there’s a lot of Fireboy and Ed Sheeran fans out there, but it don’t matter to me.
It sure as hell didn’t matter to the song. The fact remains, “Peru” was a good song, a hit before Ed Sheeran. I love Ed Sheeran, but no, he didn’t make it better.

The thing is, remixes don’t exactly do anything but help the charts. It’s why artists like Olamide who aren’t chasing numbers don’t do them. When you remix a popular song with a popular artist, the song becomes more popular. That’s just it.

But I can count on one hand how many good remixes we’ve had in the industry over the years. I know of P-Square’s iconic “Beautiful Onyinye” with Rick Ross and “Ojuelegba” with Drake and Skepta. Really, that’s about the size of it.

Unfortunately, “Peru” won’t be joining that list. Honestly, the least Fireboy and Ed Sheeran could do is do a duet, as that would have changed the whole thing, but they didn’t. Instead, Sheeran jumps on the song like he’s doing a cover, songs some bars, no unusual melody, just basic stuff, and that’s it.

It absolutely doesn’t matter if “Peru” debuts in the Billboard or not, or if it gets a Grammy or two, the real truth is it’s nothing special and you people should come off it, it is obviously not the best thing since sliced bread.

Fireboy’s “Peru” Remix Is Nothing Special, Just Hype — Do You Agree?
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