Fine girl privilege: Beautiful Corper Shows Off Cash, Food She Received at NYSC Camp

During her time at the NYSC camp, the corper attracted attention by showcasing the cash gifts and food she received from admirers due to her appearance.

She mentioned that her attractiveness granted her certain advantages during the 3-week orientation course, such as being exempted from the mandatory parade.

The lady disclosed conversations where men expressed their admiration for her beauty, with one even gifting her N70K.

Additionally, she received various expensive camp foods as gifts from different individuals.

Check out some reactions that followed …

tonia.gram_ said: “Us wey no fine nko? How we go survive for camp??”

danny___jnr remarked: “E remain one thing u never Shw us oo”

officialzarah_ penned: “But make we no lie she’s truly pretty, no be small enjoyment for me too during my time sha,to the extent i don’t even know how where they serve general food looks like na only gist i dey hear”

peaceful_baddie stated: “Omo I didn’t have this privilege because I was so uuggly then, they even called me speed darlignton sister cause we lookalike”

official_newman0 commented: “U nor talk how many times dem bend you lol”

Watch video below …

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