Female fan cries out bitterly as Destiny Etiko allegedly rejects her gift -VIDEO

An ardent female fan of the popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, has expressed deep sorrow and disappointment after the actress allegedly turned down a gift offered she presented to her.

The incident, captured in a viral video, portrays the female fan in a state of profound distress, shedding tears and expressing her anguish over the actress’ refusal to accept a picture frame she had painstakingly created as a token of love.

The emotional footage captures the heartbroken fan clutching the frame tightly, and tearfully professing her unwavering love for Destiny Etiko.

The rejection of the gift undoubtedly left her profoundly saddened, as she had poured her efforts into crafting a unique portrait for the beloved movie star.

Nonetheless, the fan’s enduring affection for Destiny Etiko remains evident, even in the face of this poignant rejection.

Watch the video below:

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