Fear as Big Brother introduces new plot twist (Video)

Big Brother introduces a new plot twist which forbids BBTitans housemates of the opposite gender from communicating with each other until further notice.

#BBTitans: Big Brother introduces new twist, housemates panic (Video)

The male and female contestants have been divided into two tribes by Big Brother, and communication can only be made through a mediator appointed by each gender, specifically Yaya and Miracle.

The men can only communicate with other men, while the women can only communicate with other women. Additionally, the plot twist only allows them to speak a limited number of times each day in designated areas for a duration decided by Biggie.

Any form of communication, including body language, is prohibited by Big Brother. This rule also applies to group tasks, including Friday game nights. While they may still use the communal areas, the housemates are “encouraged” to stay away from each other and find ways to avoid accidental communication. In the event of an urgent need to communicate, they can use the yellow zone.

The groups can use a representative to communicate in this zone, but only a limited number of times per day, as indicated by the displayed numbers. Therefore, they must use their discretion to determine when it’s necessary to communicate. The housemates’ faces can be seen dreaded with fear as one of them read out the instructions about the plot twist.

Watch the video below …

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