FBI Asks Astroworld Attendees To Send Them Photos And Videos From Festival

The Houston Police Department has partnered with the FBI for the investigation.
Since Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival tragedy in early November that left 10 attendees dead, lawsuits and investigations have been pending for the parties involved. Scott, however, has been trying to move from the disaster to his upcoming Utopia album release after offering to cover funeral expenses, supplying mental health services for survivors and doing an interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

Soon after the festival, Travis’s attorney filed a motion for Travis to be cleared of any wrongdoing, but the court of public opinion tended to disagree. Several videos attendees posted to TikTok and Twitter from the festival appeared to show that Scott was aware of some of the issues in the crowd during the show, and could be liable.

Image via HNHH. Photo shot by @frankievergara_
Scott was named in many of the lawsuits filed by survivors or families of the fallen victims, along with his co-performer Drake, the organizer Live Nation and more. But, in terms of a criminal investigation, the Houston Police Department has not charged any parties with wrongdoing yet.

Originally, the HPD had involved the FBI in the investigation solely for “technical assistance.” But it now appears the FBI will have a larger role in the case. On Jan. 14, the Houston Police Department announced that they would like festival attendees to share photos or videos from the festival to the FBI to aid in the investigation: ““Houston Police Detectives have already viewed countless hours of video evidence as part of our ongoing investigation into the Astroworld event. To ensure that we have captured all possible evidence for a complete investigation, we have partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for additional technical assistance.”

The FBI has now launched a website dedicated to Astroworld and collecting all the evidence they can: https://tips.fbi.gov/digitalmedia/6668804fc0f3818

It seems that as much as Travis Scott may want to leave the Astroworld situation in the past, the FBI and Houston PD are focused on getting to the bottom of it.

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