Father of ‘mummy calm down’ boy finally breaks silence following wife’s demise

Following his wife’s untimely death, the father of viral little’mummy calm down’ kid has now spoken out.

However, the young guy provided a different narrative of his wife’s terrible death from what their neighbours had reported.

The event in Benin City, Edo State, has sparked questions about the circumstances surrounding her death.

When Lawal returned from the store, he allegedly discovered their two-year-old child screaming. When he entered the house, he discovered his wife hanging from a rope connected to the ceiling. He quickly unfastened the rope and requested assistance from their neighbours.

He claimed that his neighbours arrived and helped him remove the rope from his wife’s neck.

However, Lawal’s account has been challenged by his neighbours. They claim that when they came to his pleas for aid, they discovered him on top of his wife, with no mention of a rope. This contradictory testimony has complicated the investigation even further.

Remember that Toluige Olokobi Babalola and her kid achieved online celebrity in 2021 when a viral video showed the small boy appealing with her, saying “Be calming down and rest a little.”

The heartbreaking news of her death broke this week when a Twitter user disclosed that Toluige committed herself in Benin, Edo State, for reasons unknown.

Following the contradicting allegations, the Edo State Police Command has launched an extensive inquiry into Toluige’s untimely demise.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Chidi Nwabuzor, revealed that the case has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation by the Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Dankwara.

The police have retrieved the rope as well as an alleged suicide note written by Toluige. However, no evidence of violence were detected on the deceased’s corpse, perplexing authorities.

The lack of tangible evidence has heightened the need for a thorough inquiry to determine the truth behind Toluige’s untimely death.

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