Fancy Acholonu to take social media hiatus following ‘tell all’ interview about ex-fiance, Alexx Ekubo

American actress cum model, Fancy Acholonu has thrown in the towel following the second interview she granted regarding her relationship drama with actor Alexx Ekubo.

Fancy who revealed she’s taking time off to heal tendered an heartfelt apology to everyone involved in her relationship crisis.

Recall, hours ago the actress finally revealed the real reason she called off their engagement in August 2021. According to her, she called it quits after he told her he won’t be intimate with her, however, she can be intimate with other men.

Fancy also noted that she has been enduring Alexx’s narcissism, lies, cheating and gaslighting.

Hours after granting her second interview to ‘Tell it All’, Fancy took to her Instagram to tender the apology.

According to the 29-year-old, she never wanted to speak up because she didn’t want to tarnish Alexx Ekubo’s image; however, he caused her to take a route she never wanted because of his selfish gains.

While apologising, Fancy noted that the crisis is humiliating, but she needed to defend herself with the truth. She wrote:

“I never wanted to speak up. My silence was golden. I do not want to tarnish his image. My pain was my secret. He opened me up for selfish reasons. I should have known better. I’m sorry to everyone involved. This is all very humiliating, but I have to defend myself with the truth. this too shall pass. Taking time off to heal.”

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