Everton set for verdict on appeal against 10-point deduction

Everton are expected to receive the outcome of their appeal against a ten-point deduction by mid-February, according to reports.

The club was penalized in November for breaching Premier League profit and sustainability rules, with losses exceeding the allowed limit by £19.5 million over a three-year period.

The appeal was lodged immediately by Everton, who argued that the overspending did not provide them with any sporting advantage.

They emphasized that the overspend was primarily due to interest payments on loans for their new stadium construction, talkSPORT stated.

Everton set for verdict on appeal against points deduction
Everton will know their fate on the appeal by mid-February – Getty image

If successful, Everton hopes that a subsequent charge for breaching the same rules, issued earlier this month, will also be overturned.

Meanwhile, an independent hearing into the initial punishment is scheduled to commence on Wednesday.

The points deduction has had implications for Everton’s Premier League status, as they currently sit 17th in the table with 17 points, just one above the relegation zone.

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