“Even our smallest bird dey cry”- Emotional moment Wizkid’s son Zion shed hot tears after Nigeria lost AFCON match

Zion, the first child of Wizkid and Jada P, was devastated by Nigeria’s defeat to Ivory Coast in the Cote d’Ivoire AFCON 2023 final.

In the last AFCON match, which took place in Cote d’Ivoire on Sunday, February 11, 2024, Nigeria was defeated by Ivory Coast.

After the game, Zion sobbed uncontrollably in response to the defeat. He was observed wiping his tears and sobbing furiously.

The boy who turned six last year refused to be consoled in the recording. He was being consoled by an adult who was with him, but he flung the person’s hands away and kept howling deeply.

The footage of Zion sobbing has been followed by reactions. These are a few of the remarks.

@_____mayjid_____lina: “My baby don’t cry please.”

@spooky__zt: “Medium smallest never start to Dey fly but very soon.”

@chinenye1663: ‘Chai.’

@kateblessing698: “Sorry.”

@stronghopegram: “Which one of you made him cry.”

@tee_cash66: “Pele babe.” @whizbryth_ayoo: “Sorry.”

@juls.sie: “Eagle dey cry.”

@samkushayo: “Even our smallest bird dey cry.”

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