“Enter house make we nor drag you!”- Blessing CEO reacts after Ilebaye said she hasn’t touched her 120M Naira prize

Blessing CEO, a relationship therapist, has replied to BBNaija All Stars winner Ilebaye Odiniya’s remark that she is quite affluent, even if she does not flaunt it publicly by buying fancy clothes.

Ilebaye also stated that she has yet to touch the 120 million naira she won on the Big Brother Naija All Stars Show.

In response, Blessing CEO chastised her, urging her not to say such things again since she is definitely lying.

Here are some reactions online:

Blessing needs to rest at this point, stop dragging a child you can birth.

Person mama go just dey constitute nuisance every day. Tueh 🤮

Why is this even a topic of discussion? If she doesn’t want to touch her money what’s your issue? Two things can be right at the same time, Baye can receive her money however it doesn’t discredit Phynas claims of not receiving hers. She was asked a question and kept it cute and short did y’all expect her to lie or what?

If she says she hasn’t spent it she hasn’t . It’s no one’s business. Na blessing dey allow these children drag her

See video below:

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