#EndSARS: Do Not Hurt Our Children Because Of Their Looks – Lagos Deputy Governor

Lagos State Deputy Governor Femi Hamzat has condemned the action of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) officials who harass and intimidate youths.
Mr Hamzat says although it is the duty of security agents to arrest those who break the laws, it is absolutely wrong to “trample on the rights of other citizens.”

“It is not right!” the deputy governor stressed while addressing protesting youths at the State House on Friday.

He also called for an end to police brutality, noting that bad eggs among the police force should be brought to justice.

“You cannot hurt our youths, because of their looks or because they are carrying a computer. You cannot say somebody is guilty because of his or her looks.

“We are not against police fighting robbery but we are saying do not unjustifiably hurt our children because of their looks,” Hamzat said.

The message according to the governor is clear, as the safety of Nigerians is important while Nigeria Police officers are delivering their duties.

“In doing your job, you can not just unjustifiable hurt another person,” the deputy governor added.

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