Ebuka Uchendu’s wife fires back at Yemi Cregx’s fan for trolling her husband for doing his job

Big Brother Titans reality show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s wife, Cynthia Uchendu has fired back at a troll for trolling her husband for doing his job.

Recall on Sunday night, Ebuka who was being his usual self, shaked tables among the housemates.

The media personality had exposed Yemi Cregx’s secret kisses, flirting and night activities with his co-housemate, Blue Aiva.

Ebuka first started with the heads of house, Ebubu and Tsatsii. He then moved on to Yemi, asking why he keeps leaving his love interest, Khosi’s bed at night to meet Blue Aiva every night, sharing kisses and assuring her that she will not be a side chic for long again.

Yemi Cregx however denied what Ebuka Obi-Uchendu claimed he was doing. Hours ago, Yemi asked Blue to keep their relationship strictly as friends and nothing more.

A fan of Yemi, who wasn’t pleased with Ebuka’s action took to the micro-blogging platform to rain heavy curses on Ebuka and his generation. She tweeted:

“I now pray everyday against Ebuka. Ebuka will never know peace, until he undo what he has done against Yemi Cregx”.

Replying her, Cynthia Uchendu minutes ago on behalf of her husband, rejected the curse.

“You and your entire generation will never know peace in Jesus name. Amen”.

Cynthia, who was clearly pissed, slammed fans for constantly harassing people and issuing death threats. She wrote:

“The audacity for you guys to constantly harass someone to do something, then when it’s done and the result to sending death threats “.

“The ridiculousness of you lot to be so vile and toxic over a bloody entertainment show. Even the people who you think should have sense spend their whole day here tweeting vile things about human beings. For fuck sake Watch laugh and move on”.

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