Driver Narrates The Heartbreaking Way He Found Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating On Him

A Ghanaian man described how he came to learn that his girlfriend was having an affair with a “friend” of hers.
In a video that has gone viral online, a cab driver claimed that because his vehicle is broken and needs constant repair, he only makes enough money to get by.

One fateful day, his girlfriend dropped by and asked for 300 Ghana Cedis to purchase concert tickets for Stonebwoy. However, he informed her that due to the short notice, he couldn’t afford the money.

A day later, his girlfriend called to inform him that her male friend has offered to give her a free ticket so they would be going for the concert together.

She also suggested that he drives them to the event so he could make extra stipends from the trip which he agreed to.

On the concert day, the cabbie got the shock of his life when he discovered that his girlfriend was two-timing him and her male friend.

He claimed that while they were travelling to the concert, his girlfriend chose to sit in the backseat with a friend instead of taking the front seat.

While he was spying through the mirror, the man also started kissing and making out with his girlfriend in the backseat.

Her cooking abilities and how she came to visit them during the week when she claimed to have been at a family event were also mentioned by the guy’s friends who went to the concert with them.

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