Drama as Lead School parent slaps alleged bully Maryam

There was a serious drama at Lead British International School, Abuja on Tuesday, April 23, when a parent slapped a student, Maryam Hassan.

This happened after Maryam was sighted in a video bullying her fellow student of the school, Namtira Bwala.

Recall an X user, @mooyeeeeeee, shared touching videos about the case of Namtira who was assaulted by Maryam alongside some other students.

The video sparked outrage online as netizens called on the school authorities to investigate the matter.

On Tuesday, April 23, some parents angrily showed up at the school with the hope of resolving the incident.

The student, who was captured slapping her colleague, was seen walking into the premises accompanied by elderly males.

A lady identified as one of the parents walked up to Hassan, asking her: “You are proud of what you did! You are proud right? Someone’s child; innocent child, you beat her, did you give birth to her? I am asking you, did you give birth to her?”

The student kept on muttering that she was sorry but the angry parent responded with a slap before other elderly people around moved in to douse tension.

Watch the video below:

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