Do2dtun criticizes using children against exes, citing Saint Obi

Nigerian on-air personality, Do2dtun has cited late veteran actor, Saint Obi as he slams partners using children against their exes.

As the actor passed away in his Jos family home, he disclosed how struggling for his children and being denied his own eventually ended his life.


He continued by berating spouses who use their children as weapons against their former partners.

Do2dtun, in another post, also advised that children are responsibilities, not tools as they also have the right to choose.

Late actor, Saint Obi
Late actor, Saint Obi

On X, Do2dtun wrote: “Let’s normalize the fact that kids are not objects. Kids have rights. When a child demands the right to see a parent or be with them and you deny them, you have trampled on their rights. Listen! A child is not a material meant for one person to keep. It’s common sense.

“Hello men and women, children are not properties. Kids are your responsibilities, not your tools. They are not your bargaining chips. They also have the right to choose. You were hurt but that’s you and the person that hurt you. If they are a pawn in your fight then you are EVIL”.

“You should have been a good husband or wife. Let the court decide that, when you both fail in that department, the next step is to correct your mistakes by being a better father or mother. In extreme cases, one has the right to keep them but let the law decide that not you.”

On his official Instagram page, he wrote: “My Story has opened cans of worms, also given people a voice to speak up. it’s very very obvious now that this is a “PANDEMIC” .. it’s alarming and I had to breathe and take a break from reading people’s stories. It’s RIDICULOUS!

“As for every man and woman going through this, please choose yourself for NOW! Work hard, work smart, and pray for them. E buuru o! Kilode! A bitter partner will eventually destroy the kids… FACTS!!!!”.


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