Do You Believe That Kuje Prison Was Truly Attacked By Bokoharam or Planned Game? (See This)

Over 600 inmates escaped from the Kuje Prison following Tuesday night’s attack by terrorists. This is according to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Dr Shuaib Belgore.
Belgore claimed those behind the attack were Boko Haram insurgents who came specifically for their members held in custody. He, however, said about 300 had been recaptured, while 300 are still at large.

While addressing journalists, Belgore confirmed that an operative of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, was killed during the attack.

He said,

“There have been several attacks on our facilities most of them are being repelled, but every now and then, there is one that they have succeeded. In this is one they came very determined with high explosives.

“The initial entry attempt was unsuccessful, then they attacked another section of the wall with higher-grade explosives which brought the wall down.

“The forces on the ground did everything they could to repel them but the number they came with was high which they were not able to defend against. They kept on fighting gallantly unfortunately the breach happened. Reinforcement came when they were halfway through it. They were eventually repelled.

“At the time they came in they killed one NSCDC operative while trying to save the situation. The inmates here are 994.

“We understand they are Boko Haram terrorists and came specifically came for their conspirators. Many of them have returned, some were retrieved from the bushes they were hiding, right now we have retrieved about 300 out of about 600 that got out of the jail.”


Kuje Prison, one of the most secured prisons in West Africa, was attacked by Islamist terrorists for straight 2 hours. In Abuja the home of all the Forces in Nigeria?
How did the high number of Islamist terrorists drive unnoticed till they got to the prison?
The check points before the prison didn’t send alert to relevant bodies?
How did they operate for over 2 hours and got away?
Has anyone been arrested?
Do You Believe That Kuje Prison Was Truly Attacked By Bokoharam or Planned Game?
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