Director Trevor Comes To Stevo Simple Boy’s Rescue To End His Financial Struggles

Eve Mungai’s ex boyfriend Trevor has vowed to ensure that Stevo Simple Boy follows in the footsteps of Diana Marua.

After Stevo collapsed during an interview at Citizen TV, Trevor vowed to help him embark on a new journey that will see him generate additional income, since his music wasn’t doing him justice, despite his wide recognition.

“Despite garnering widespread acclaim for his music,  Stevo Simple Boy has faced ongoing challenges in sustaining his himself financially in the music industry. Recognizing the need for alternative avenues, and I see it as a strategic decision for him to explore content creation as a means to generate income and connect with his audience in new and innovative ways,” Trevor shared on Instagram.

According to him, the move doesn’t mean that the artist will fully quit music.

“He will continue to release music on the side as he continues with his content creation  just like Diana Bahati,” Trevor added.

The Kenya Online Media CEO further said that he was willing to fully support Stevo and take the initiative of managing his content creation journey.

He further shared details of pioneer content for Stevo’s new career.

“Stevo will begin by explaining what transpired yesterday and the events that followed the incident in length in his YouTube platform. That will mark the beginning of this new content creation journey and I am willing to be there to see him  through success,” Trevor said.

Statement from Director Trevor

After fainting during the interview, Stevo later confirmed that he was doing fine.

“Nko poa,” the rapper said after Azeezah, who had hosted him, called him to find out how he was doing following overwhelming concerns from Kenyans.

He however admitted that he was undergoing stress after his manager parted ways with him in a story he shared on Instagram.


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