“Detaining Verydarkman for over 24 hours is oppression” – Isaac Fayose calls out police

  • Social media commentator Isaac Fayose criticizes the prolonged detention of activist Verydarkman by Nigerian police.
  • Isaac Fayose emphasizes that VeryDarkMan has been held for over five days without a court order, exceeding the 24-hour legal limit.
  • He questions the reasons behind the extended detention and urges the police to file formal charges promptly.
  • Isaac Fayose describes VeryDarkMan as a “good man” and condemns keeping him detained through the Easter holiday as oppression and suppression of voices.

Social media commentator Isaac Fayose has voiced strong criticism against the prolonged detention of popular activist Verydarkman by the Nigerian police, describing it as a form of oppression.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Isaac Fayose, who is also the brother of a former governor of Ekiti state, expressed his concern over Verydarkman’s detention, which has exceeded 24 hours without a court order.

According to Isaac Fayose, the law in Nigeria stipulates that no individual should be detained for more than 24 hours without being charged.

Isaac Fayose calls for Justice as Verydarkman faces extended detention by Police beyond 24 hours

“Why is Verydarkman being held for over five days without a court order, despite meeting all necessary standards?”

Isaac Fayose questioned in the video. He emphasized that while the police may have the right to accuse Verydarkman of a crime, they are obligated to file formal charges against him promptly.

Describing Verydarkman as a “good man,” Isaac Fayose argued that keeping him in detention through the Easter holiday is a clear act of oppression, suppression, and stifling of voices that speak out for justice and freedom in the nation.

He expressed his concern that such actions could have negative implications for the democratic values and human rights situation in Nigeria.

Furthermore, Isaac Fayose called for the immediate release of Verydarkman and urged Nigerians to always do good and refrain from seeking unhealthy retribution against others.

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