Deji Adeyanju Accuses Peter Obi Of Glorifying Poverty

Comrade Deji Adeyanju was on his Twitter
account this evening to react to a
statement made by Peter Obi, while
speaking to a group Peter Obi noted that
his 30 years old son does not a car and he
would have to work to make the money to
buy one.

The statement Peter Obi made
has been generating a lot of feedback
from people online. Comrade Deji
Adeyanju also decided to share his opinion
concerning the statement.

Dei Adeyanju noted that he loves Peter Obi
very much but he should stop glorifying
poverty before Nigerians begin to call him
a fraud. He also mentioned that the story
about his son’s car situation is not
necessary because that is not the kind of
message to preach in the poverty capital
of the world, he said instead of preaching
that kind of message Peter Obi should
preach the message of hope to the

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