Davido Blasts Nigerians Mocking Him For Not Being Able To Afford Drake’s $3 Million Chain

Davido has addressed those laughing and saying he cant affod Drake’s #1.5 billion ($3 Million) Hormer Chain.

We earlier reported that Davido confessed to being drunk the day he said he wanted Drake’s Chain. According to him, he had no idea what he said and he just realized after seeing the price for the chain.

Nigerians wasted no time in telling Davido to stop lying and just admit he can’t afford the 1.5 Billion Naira. Some went as far as tagging OBO and asking him questions about the endorsement deals and if he had squandered everything.

Reacting to the insults, Davido informed Nigerians that he can actually afford to buy the necklace but he has decided not to. According to him, ‘It is a dumb investment‘ and he has chosen to spend his money wisely this year..

Davido added that he might not have Drake’s money, but he knows where to get it when he wants it.

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