DaniLeigh Joins “10 Year Challenge” With Teen Pics: “Prince Did A Photo Shoot For Me”

The singer flexed her baby-faced photos that included her first modeling gig with a small brand and those early days when she first moved to L.A.
If there is one thing those social media trends are good for, it’s repeating themselves every few years. It feels as if it wasn’t that long ago that the “10 Year Challenge” was making the rounds on apps and platforms and it’s finding its return in recent days. We’re seeing yet another influx of social media users sharing photos of themselves now next to a picture of what they looked like 10 years ago, and celebrities shave jumped into the mix.

Although she has had a rough time recently, DaniLeigh has been sharing more upbeat posts online, including adorable images of her baby girl who looks like her mini-me. The 27-year-old singer also gave her addition to the 10 Year Challenge and showed off a few images of herself as a teenager.

“[Ten] year challenge bruh [crying emoji] this is all my hair,” she wrote over one photo. “These years I was heavy dancing and jus moved to LA.” On others, she commented on the length of her hair and said she wished it would grow long now, and DaniLeigh also uploaded an image that came courtesy of her work with Prince, her former mentor. When she was 18, DaniLeigh directed the music video for the late icon’s single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”

“Prince did a photo shoot for me [fire emojis],” DaniLeigh wrote in her Story. “I was actually 18 so this isn’t 10 years.” Check out the photos and DaniLeigh’s walk down memory lane below.

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