Cristiano Ronaldo Belongs To Chelsea Football Club

Former England cricketer, Kevin Pietersen, has claimed that Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo belongs at Chelsea.
According to Pietersen, the Blues have anything else but a player of Ronaldo’s pedigree.

He tweeted:

“Chelsea has a defence, Chelsea has a midfield, Chelsea has a wonderful manager, Chelsea is in London and that is where @Cristiano belongs…

“Utd hasn’t got a defence, Utd hasn’t got a midfield, Utd have a manager no one has heard of and it’s Manchester…

“Do the maths!”

Chelsea are one of the clubs monitoring Ronaldo’s future at Old Trafford, after the 37-year-old made it clear he wants to play in the Champions League.

Bayern Munich, Napoli and Barcelona are also keen on the Portugal superstar.

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