Crazy Expensive Things Your Fave, Burna Boy Has Done

Burna Boy, a well-known singer, songwriter, and performer from Nigeria, is known as one of the biggest names to come out of the continent.
Burna Boy has money. He is aware of this, as are we, and Burna Boy enjoys showing it off.

Below are Crazy Expensive Things Burna Boy Has Done;

He Gave OAP Half a Million Naira Simply For Time Spent
When media personality N6 stated that he received N500,000 only for spending time with the musician in a bar, the revelation made headlines last year. He posted a video of himself counting the money Burna had given him on social media with the description, “Half a million simply to hang with my old pal.” Biko What time will the next hangout be held? I too am free to travel.

Burna Boy Bought a $346,000 Rolls Royce Dawn and N100 Million Ferrari Back to Back

Burna Boy spent $346,000 (about N200 million at the time) on a Rolls Royce Dawn vehicle in 2019. The singer could be seen in the car in the social media video, which with the caption “New fking whip alert…” What is crazier still? Just a few days prior to buying the Rolls Royce, the musician had reportedly spent over N100 million on a brand-new Ferrari. What a big spender you are!

Spent N100 Million on Wrist Watch and Bought Diamond Earrings for Aide

Burna Boy made yet another significant purchase earlier this year. The musician, who has made no secret of his affection for Richard Mille timepieces, reportedly spent over N100,000,000 on a watch. Burna’s assistant who claimed to have just one pierced ear received two diamond earrings at the same time.

He Bought Diamond Grills

One item that you often find on these “crazy expensive” lists are grills because they are such an excess and serve no purpose other than flaunt wealth. That’s why so many rich people get them because it is such a blatant symbol of excess wealth. In 2019, Burna showed off his diamond encrusted grill set reportedly worth a lot of money with the Instagram caption, “Mouth feels like a freezer “

The end!

Do you think he’s doing all these for show off, or he deserves to spend and Flaunt his money however he wishes? – Let’s Talk
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