Couple melts hearts as they get married 4 years after meeting at NYSC camp

A beautiful couple is currently trending as they get married 4 years after finding love in camp during their NYSC service.

The video which is now viral was shared on Tiktok by the bride, @jessiekaey1, who is a popular content creator on the app.

Sharing their story, she revealed they met during the orientation and she noticed he was not participating in the activities like other corpers.

She walked up to him to ask if he was okay, and he confided in her that he was not interested in staying for the 3 weeks camp and wanted to leave.

Couple melts hearts as they get married 4 years after meeting at NYSC camp
The beautiful couple. Photocredit: jessiekaey1 on Tiktok.

They eventually became friends, which blossomed into a beautiful relationship that has now led to marriage.

Here are some reactions to the video

@Qnenns🪞 said: “I met sombody too🥹 I checked up on him..I’ll update y’all on what happens next 4years🥹”

@ciliadesta🌴 stated: “Moral lessons: try Dey check on those guys we no Dey participate well in the camp ⛺️”

@Glitterz wrote: “Thank God I Dey serve soon na to Dey ask people are you okay up and down out of 20 I for see one 😂. Congratulations dear”

@Bukola_Ogunmuyiwa reacted: “Omo… walahi I just Dey hide under bed through out my stay in camp😭. How can I go back to camp like this😭?”

@Amara Gabriel310 reacted: “Awnnnnn😭😭😭😭😭😭!The most beautiful thing on the internet!Congratulations 😭😭😭😭”

Watch the video here


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