Corper Kicks as He Was Asked to Become the School’s Bus Driver at his PPA

Corper rants online after being asked to become the school bus driver at his PPA.

The new corper said that he was sent to a school to complete his one-year required duty.

However, when he arrived at his PPA, his boss inquired whether he knew how to drive a school bus, as it would be his responsibility.

He took to social media to share his confusion over the question and requirement made by the school principal.

“Which one is can you drive school bus,” he captioned.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to the post …

@Dami ~Dee❤️🥰💅🥶 said: “Lol 😂 na you choose transport management 😂💔”

@ogo_eri_ wrote: “Your own is better jare, come to my PPA (school) we have Corper that is a gateman”

@Micheal Ike commented: “I don go rush graduate 😭😭 mess up”

@Supernuel remarked: “Look at the bright side, you fit use em hustle Lagos to Owerri for night 😭😂”

@Innocentfunnycomedy said: “Na so dem do for one of my brother also na him dey drive school bus of the school 😢😂make I tag him to come and see this 👇@Laycon0022”

@Esolomohn stated: “if I no use am enter high way for side hustle make I bend🤣🤣”

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