Coronavirus: Five confam ways wey sure to reduce di spread of COVID-19 infections

Coronavirus don dey spread worldwide, and e don cause fear-fear around di planet: thousands of new cases and hundredS of death naim dem dey announce every day.

Many cities and even kontris don dey for lockdown, and flights don cancel, not to mention international events and annual festivals.

Europe don become di new centre for di disease, while for Latin America, di US and Middle East, di infection dey spread like say tomorrow no dey.

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But some kontries don manage to contain di spread.

“Kontries wey don manage to match brake ontop di outbreak and I feel say we suppose learn from dem,” na so epidemiologist Tolbert Nyenswah, wey be professor for Johns Hopkins University for US, tell di BBC.

China neighbour Taiwan, for instance, wey get population of 23.6 million only report 215 cases of coronavirus and two deaths as of 25 March.

According to Nyenswah, kontries like Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong slowdown coronavirus because dem respond quick quick and dem use ogbonge policies.

Dis na di ones wey don work well-well:

  1. Test, test and then test again

Di World Health Organization (WHO) and sabi pipo wey follow di BBC tok gree say early detection na important tin in order to reduce di spread of di pandemic.

“You no fit know di impact of di virus or take action if you no sabi how many pipo dey affected,” tok Nyenswah.

Krys Johnson, Professor of Epidemiology for Temple University (USA), gree.

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E tok say dis na wetin dey make real difference: kontries wey no dey test well-well begin get low number of cases while di kontries wey take testing play get increase of cases.

“South Korea don dey test about 10,000 pipo a day wey mean say dem dey test more pipo in two days than di whole of US dey do in one month,” im tell di BBC.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tok say to dey test anyone wey get symptoms na di “key to stop di spread” of di pandemic.

  1. Isolate pipo wey don dey infected

“South Korea and China don do excellent work to track, test, and contain dia citizens,” tok Prof Krys Johnson.

“Authorities go send pipo wey get high temperature to ‘fever clinics’ wia dem go test for flu or Covid-19.

If dem test positive for Covid-19, dem go isolate dem for wetin dem dey call ‘quarantine hotels’ in order to make sure say dem no infect dia families,” she tok.

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Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong do dia own with different method: dem isolate suspected cases for dia own house and anybody wey break di rule to stay for house go pay fine wey pass $3,000.

  1. Ogbonge preparation and sharp reaction

Nyenswah, wey don work before to prevent di spread of Ebola for West Africa, tok say one of di basic tins to reduce coronavirus na to take quick action, before pipo for kontri catch am.

For Taiwan, one health organisation wey get many research and goment agencies inside, don dey operate from di time of SARS infection crisis, wey don make dem prepare well-well for di current coronavirus.

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For Africa, Nigeria na anoda goment wey dey boast say dem sef dey ready to fight Covid-19 because of how dem manage march brake ontop Ebola, wey disturb di kontri well-well many years ago.

  1. Social distancing

“Once di disease don dey already di kontri well well, containment plan no go work again,” says Nyenswah.

For dat time di method wey dey work well pass to protect di population na to practice social distancing – like di way Hong Kong and Taiwan do.

  1. Good hygiene

WHO say to dey wash hand on a regular and good hygiene dey important not to spread di disease.

“Many kontries for Asia learn dia lesson from di SARS experience for 2003. Dem sabi say good hygiene dey make pipo not to catch disease and infect oda pipo,” says Nyenswah.

For kontries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan different-different place to use antibacterial gel for streets boku and e no go hard you to find pipo wey facemask.

Although face masks fit no work well to prevent pesin to catch di disease but e dey help to reduce how pesin fit pass am through cough and sneeze.

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