Comedian Trinity Guy changes life of a graduate

  • Comedian Trinity Guy has sparked emotional reactions by sharing a video of him aiding a graduate in selling rusted iron on the street.
  • The comedian was shocked to find a man selecting rusted iron outside his house, which was shared on Trinity Guy’s Instagram page.
Comedian Trinity Guy changes life of graduate

During the course of the video, Trinity Guy decides to talk to the man and finds out that he is a Nigerian university architecture graduate. When Trinity Guy asked how he was doing, the man answered with grace, revealing that he was a graduate and that his condition had forced him to pick rotting iron on the streets. 

The man continued by saying that his wife, with whom he had a child, had left him because of his poverty.

In an interview with comedian Trinity Guy, the man said that he isn’t working on the project alone and that his older brother is assisting him in selling it.

He went on to explain how difficult his life was and that they made between N500 and N1000 naira per day.

Trinity Guy shows off his natural generosity by getting the man new clothes, getting his hair done at a barbershop, and taking him out to dinner with his brother.

The brothers were moved to tears when he gave the Nigerian graduate and his brother N50,000 to start a business.

Watch video below:

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