Clergywoman, Laurie Idahosa responds after some Christians tackled her and threatened to unfollow her on IG after she took the COVID19 vaccine

Clergywoman, Laurie Idahosa, has responded to some Christians who tackled her and threatened to unfollow her after she shared photos and videos of herself taking the COVID-19 vaccine on her Instagram page on Tuesday, March 6.

Laurie shared videos of herself taking a jab of the vaccine and wrote;

”I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine today! … Yes, you can still be a person of faith and get the Covid Vaccine.
#covidvacccine #vaccinationdone #vaccineisnotthemarkofthebeast”

Some Christians took to her comment section to question her faith in God as a Christian. One of the commenters even compared her with her father-in-law, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who he claims wouldn’t have taken the vaccine. See The comments and Laurie’s response below

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