Chris Brown Falls For Fake Video Of China Launching “First Artificial Sun”

Chris Brown shared a wild conspiracy theory that China launched an “artificial sun” into the sky.
Chris Brown has fallen right into another conspiracy theory, it appears. The world-famous singer has a history of being a contrarian, seemingly pushing “flat-Earth” theories a few years ago among other troubling opinions. On Monday (January 10), he appeared to fall for another one after popular social media accounts started posting a video that allegedly shows a crowd of people overlooking an “artificial sun” being launched into the universe from China.

Some reports have claimed that the “artificial sun” cost over $1 trillion and burns five times hotter than the sun, but that much has been proven false. According to fact-checkers at Newsweek and other news websites, the video actually contains footage of people watching a standard rocket launch into space. A similar “fireball” can be seen ascending into the sky in videos posted by SpaceX. A telltale exhaust trail also appears in the video, which apparently matches the white cloud of exhaust formed when China’s Shiyan-12-01 and Shiyan-12-02 satellites were launched aboard the Chang Zheng 7A rocket on December 23, 2021.

Similar rumors started in September 2021 after another video went viral of the “artificial sun,” but that was also proven to be a standard rocket.

Chris Brown posted the video from this month on his Twitter account, commenting, “CHINA CREATES FIRST ARTIFICIAL SUN .. WE ARE SO BLESSED TO BE LIVING IN A TIME WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.. THE SKY ISNT THE LIMIT.. it’s just the view.”

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