Charlie Puth shares his naked butt while standing on a swing on Twitter

Taking to social media an hour ago, Charlie Puth, shared a ‘black and white picture’ of him standing on a swing in a park, while exposing his naked buttocks. 
Taking to social media yesterday, Charlie Puth, shared a picture of him wearing a white underwear, which has caused stirs on social media. Is he trying to ‘gay bait?’ 

His picture has gotten over 25k likes on Twitter and it has caused stirs as Americans are currently reacting and dragging him at the same time. 

Reactions below:

Miguel: Para animar a terça-feira de todos, Charlie Puth posta foto de cueca branca nas redes sociais. Estão curtindo essa era “ousada” do cantor? 

Gabriel:It was imperative he act with haste after witnessing Harry styles smooching another fellow. 

Johnson: Helloo??? Stream L&R 😭 he has no clothes! Stream = money = clothes. 

Matthew: harry and charlie are taking turns terrorizing us all. 

Maxwell: He knows how much I love guys in 😩 no one baits like him. 

Andrew: And this is why I chose Charlie Puth when I was asked that question earlier!

Patrick: Here this one go too… When it’s not Harry styles it’s Charlie puth. When it’s not Charlie puth it’s Harry styles. Can’t catch a break 

Charly: he saw harry styles and bad bunny kissing a man and had to come up with something quick.

Iman: What better way to start the day than Charlie Puth posting a pic of him.

Picture of Charlie Puth’s bareback ass:

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