Charles Inojie sparks controversy with exclusive photos during hospital visit to Mr Ibu

  • Charles Inojie sparks controversy with a recent Instagram post during his visit to ailing actor Mr. Ibu.
  • Netizens express mixed reactions as Inojie shares photos with Mr. Ibu’s daughter and son but excludes his wife.
  • The strained relationship between Mr. Ibu’s daughter and wife adds to the controversy, with both parties airing their grievances on social media.
  • Netizens debate whether Inojie’s omission of Mr. Ibu’s wife from the shared images is deliberate or has personal reasons behind it.

Nollywood actor Charles Inojie has ignited a wave of mixed reactions following his hospital visit to the ailing veteran actor, Mr Ibu.

While the visit itself was intended to express support and solidarity for Mr. Ibu’s health, the absence of photos featuring Inojie’s wife in the shared images has fueled speculation and controversy among netizens.

The post showcased snapshots of Charles Inojie alongside Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine, and the actor’s son, creating a buzz in the comment section as followers questioned the decision to exclude Inojie’s wife from the shared moments.

Charles Inojie sparks controversy with exclusive photos during hospital visit to Mr Ibu

Some netizens have gone as far as suggesting that this omission could be a deliberate move to keep Inojie’s wife out of the spotlight, possibly implying a secretive motive.

It should be recalled that Mr. Ibu’s daughter and his wife are not on the best of terms, as they continue to drag each other and reveal dirty secrets about their family affairs

This backdrop adds fuel to the fire of speculation surrounding Charles Inojie’s selective sharing of photos during the visit.

The pictures depict a group of friends, including Charles Inojie, standing beside Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine, and his son.

The decision not to post any pictures featuring Mr. Ibu’s wife has become topic discussion online, with followers expressing diverse opinions on the matter.

Charles Inojie wrote …

“Earlier today, I went to visit @realmribu in the company of our mutual friends Emeka Ifesinachi and Dadi Monsor. With us in this picture are @ladyjasminec and @mr.whyte__ @dane_unusual (Ibu’s sons).
May God bless everyone who has helped one way or the other. We may not be out of the woods yet, but Ibu is recuperating well, and your financial assistance is still needed.”

Netizens Reactions…

sunlightonly wrote; “This is so wrong,I don’t care what the wife has done,but she still remains the Mr ibu legal wife,this is very insulting to the highest level,this jasmine of a girl isn’t related in any way. How would you allow an unknown person replace the wife?this is so wrong. This can’t me cause omo,one person go dey “kirikiri” 👎👎”

queen_nivy commented; “And the so called wife is not in the hospital… abi this visitors they fight her too. Nonsense!!!”

ujubaybay wondered; “Why is this girl up in this family’s business”

ebiokolo penned; “The wife is not in the pic but this Jasmine girl again. Oh I forgot the wife’s duty is to sit by his bed side, I forgot.”

fredcmzee said; “If Mr Ibu’s wife is a good wife the evidence would had been everywhere”

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