Charles Barkley Responds To Steve Kerr Amid Dillon Brooks Controversy

Charles Barkley is fed up with some of the discourse from these playoffs.
In Game 2 of the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies, Dillon Brooks came up from behind Gary Payton II and swiped at him which led to a pretty bad fall. Payton broke his elbow and is now out for the rest of the series. Meanwhile, Brooks was suspended for a game.

After making this play, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr went to the media and was very adamant about what Brooks did. The Warriors coach said that Brooks made a dirty play and that he even broke the basketball code. These comments have proven to be quite controversial as not everyone agrees.

One such person is none other than Charles Barkley who was on TNT last night talking about the incident. As you can see down below, Barkley feels as though the Brooks hit was a hard one but it wasn’t enough to warrant such a hyperbolic reaction.

“Listen, Dillon Brooks that was a Flagrant 2, but the notion he tried to hurt that kid, I’m not going to live with that… now they… this is the code, give me a break man,” Barkley said.

The series between the Warriors and Grizzlies has been incredibly chippy. With the Warriors up 2-1, it is only going to get more intense, but hopefully, both teams can keep the physical play to a minimum. Otherwise, it could get very ugly.

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