Catholic Church Suspends Socialite Priest Indefinitely, After This Picture Got Leaked

In the picture, that appears as if the socialite priest was offering Baptism rite for the lady, the two were seen in a questionable post and position. It has been tagged as an abuse of the office.
The priest, who has been identified to be Father Ndlovu was obviously having beach fun, making merry, enjoying himself, in Lake Malawi, situated in Muzuzu.

The Bishop of Mzuzu dioceses, John Ryan has said in a letter to all societies and institutions in the diocese that the Father Charles Ndhlovu has been suspended from the entire dioceses, and therefore can never participate in any duty as a priest any longer.

“It is out of deep sorrow and regret that I write to inform the public that Father Charles Ndhlovu is now suspended from all priestly ministry and all roles related to it. He can no longer be seen participating in any ministerial duty in this great diocese,” says Ryan.

He announced that the suspension includes the section that he can no longer reside in any diocesan house and he has no access to any diocesan facility.

“The suspension of Fa. Charles Ndhlovu in an indefinite one, until such time I write again with additional instructions,” says Ryan.

Ndhlovu has recently headlined social media platforms with pictures of him and a woman, which some people say was one of the members of his congregation, apparently making merry with her in the Lake Malawi.

No one can really explain what the two are doing or the reason for staying in such position, but the point is that Father Charles Ndhlovu has been suspended indefinitely.

Check out what some social media users had to say about what the socialite Father was caught doing:

Even according to the word of Apostle Paul in the Bible, no celebate or priest is in bondage. Any priest that can not bear the urge is free to marry, rather than doing immoral things.

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