Carol Sonnie Rubbishes Mulamwah’s Allegations

Mulamwah Calls Out Carrol Sonnie For Turning Down His Financial Help

Carol Sonnie and her baby daddy Mulamwah publicly clashed as their daughter Keila Oyando celebrated her first birthday.

In his birthday wish to his daughter, Mulamwah pleaded with his baby mama to make co-parenting easy.

The comedian lamented that Carol Sonnie was using their daughter as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains.

He cautioned Sonnie against giving the impression that all was well through her social media posts while in reality she is giving him a tough time co-parenting with her.

Sonnie hit back at Mulamwah in a quick rejoinder. She dismissed claims that she had made co-parenting difficult.

“I have never denied anyone a chance to come and see his daughter and I honestly do not have much to say in that line of argument at all,” she said.

On the aspect of using their daughter for social media likes and as bait to get money from the father, Sonie said;

“How can I use my kid as a job or bait? Kyla is a brand and so am I so we are two brands that are trying to make life easier for both of us to live because we have a life to live and we don’t want to struggle. I don’t think I am using my child, she is my child, she is my daughter, I don’t have to be told am using my daughter for monetary gains.

“Where does that money go to, Isn’t it for the kid? Kyla needs money, and Kyla needs diapers. We need and we have to look for money and it is for her not me. That money does not help me, it is for the kid.”

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