Cardi B Goes Hard In Sultry New Snaps From “Enough (Miami)” Music Video

Cardi B is keeping feet on necks on the charts and on social media, as she just shared some steamy new photos from behind the scenes of her “Enough (Miami)” music video shoot. Moreover, they’re specifically relating to the black and jewelry-adorned fit that she donned for specific shots in the vid, and they’re both of her on-set and in her dressing room. Plenty of superstars such as SZA and Flo Milli chimed in the comments section to give the Bronx MC her flowers for her beauty. With all this online hype, plus a rapidly moving album rollout, it seems like she’s going to stay on top for the foreseeable future.

However, throughout the 31-year-old’s recent press run, she’s also talked about what’s keeping her from having the same love for music she used to have. “I have a couple of problems with music,” Cardi B remarked on 360 with Speedy. “I feel like I don’t like nothing. That’s one of my things. Because I record a song, I love it, two days later, I’m over it. To be honest with you, I don’t really like anything that’s out right now. I listen to music that came out 8, 10, 20, 30 years ago.

“Maybe I’m just so into breaking things down now,” Cardi B continued. “You know, where you overanalyze everything, your music and other people’s music, that I don’t know what I like anymore. Also, it’s just not as fun anymore. Like, when you go to the booth, or when you record, you’re just having fun, you creating. Now, it just be feeling like it’s a pressure. When I did… I call it ‘Cty,’ because we named it ‘Cty’ originally. I was having fun, I had fun recording it, I had fun doing the video. When it came out, Jesus Christ, I was like, ‘Damn! Hold up, I just came back, y’alls going too rough on me!’ I gotta get that off my mind because that’s what fks st up.”

Meanwhile, on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, she expressed desires to work with Rihanna, but admitted fear at the prospect. Do you think that’s something that will happen eventually? Drop your theories and predictions down in the comments section below.

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