Boy profusely begs uncaring girlfriend after breakup

Heartbroken lover boy passionately begs his nonchalant girlfriend who ended their relationship for another chance.

The young lad could be seen begging profusely with some of his friends who joined in asking his girlfriend for forgiveness.

From the conversations made in the video, he had fainted before and had only been revived.

Lover boy cries and appeals to unbending girlfriend who broke up with him

The girlfriend claimed she was no longer angry with him but did not agree to take him back but they still kept begging her to change her mind.

See some reactions to the video below

meetpauladean wrote: “If this is my younger brother, I’ll lock him in a room and flog this simping attitude off his red blood cells. After that I’ll scream in his ears “There’s no scarcity! You’re fine boy! Stop Simping!” 😂”

oro.___ stated: “Let him cry, being a man doesn’t stop him from showing his emotions.”

officialthelma_ said: “As this boy dey like this, anything he eats nor drinks will be tasting like he chew flagyl and tetracycline 😂😂This shit is painful omo”

obianuju_priscillia_ opined: “Chai. For a man to drop tears let alone this way, he must be really hûrt. Sorry bro. Just package yourself and be better, you sef Na person spec!”

blaqblaze stated: “Na Wetin king dey take banish person from village this guy dey do so, this guy can’t be a Viking, e suppose dey Scotland dey wear skirt”

osastheplug claimed: “He’s still a boy 😂😂😂! No go look for money now wey everything don expensive”

Watch video here

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