“Bibi Alinipiga!” Trevor Allegedly Accuses Mungai Eve Of Beating Him

Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Director Trevor’s love story is taking a troubling turn.

Director Trevor through friends now accuses her of infidelity and physical assault. The shocking revelation surfaced after blogger Edgar Obare shared a distressing image of Trevor’s bruised face, with a small bandage, on social media.

Obare detailed Trevor’s alleged confessions to one of his closest friends, disclosing that Eve purportedly subjected him to both emotional and physical abuse while also engaging in acts of infidelity.

The allegations has sparked widespread concern among their followers and netizens.

Speculation surrounding the state of their relationship had been brewing earlier this year when the couple unfollowed each other on various social media platforms. Despite their public displays of affection and declarations of love in the past, the sudden rift between them hinted at underlying issues within their relationship.

Eve and Trevor shared not only a romantic bond but also a professional one, collaborating on various projects to make money as a couple.

Their personal and professional lives added complexity to the situation, amplifying the impact of their alleged discord.

The emergence of these troubling accusations has ignited reactions from fans and followers, with many expressing shock and dismay over the distressing allegations.

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