Bella writes as her fans pressure her to get married to Sheggz.

  • In her Q/A session, a fan had asked why she chose to hype Sheggz so much while they are not yet to be married.
  • Bella replied that she is the type of who prefers to live in the moment rather than worry about what future holds.

BBNaija Bella Okagbue challenges the notion that a successful relationship must culminate to marriage.

Bella took part in an audience Q&A session where she was questioned on a range of topics.

Among the numerous questions was why she decided to promote Sheggz so much despite the fact that they are not yet married.

In response, Bella fearlessly expresses her belief that not every relationship must end in marriage, with personal happiness and fulfillment at the core of her values.

she defies societal expectations and redefine the meaning of a successful partnership, proving that love and commitment can exist outside the confines of matrimony.

Another question enquired about the exact date of her intended marriage and childbirth. Bella tagged her sister’s handle in the message since she thought it was from her sister.

See the answers below:

In another story, Sheggz debunks Bella’s virgin statement.

Reality star Bella Okagbue’s boyfriend, known as Sheggz, has ignited a social media frenzy after casting doubt on Bella’s assertion of maintaining her virginity until marriage.

The controversy unfolded during a recent Instagram Q&A session where Bella addressed questions from fans, including an inquiry into her purported virgin status.

Bella Okagbue has been vocal about her commitment to abstaining from sex until marriage.

During the Q&A session, a curious fan directly asked Bella if she was genuinely a virgin.

Are you a virgin? the question read.

In response, Bella confidently affirmed her virginity,

Yes, I am,” Bella wrote.

However, the unexpected twist came when Sheggz, Bella’s boyfriend, reposted her response on his own Instagram story, accompanied by a blue cap emoji.

The blue cap emoji, as interpreted by internet slang, is commonly associated with the term “lying” or “lie.”

Sheggz’s use of this emoji immediately sparked speculation and discussion among fans and followers.

Social media platforms have since been flooded with reactions from fans and onlookers, with many expressing surprise and curiosity about the apparent contradiction between Bella’s statement and Sheggz’s emoji-laden repost.

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