#BBNaija Day 58: “You won’t be evicted” – Nengi assures Laycon, Vee celebrates Nengi, and lots more… (Videos)

Read and watch interesting highlights from #BBNaija Day 58: “You won’t be evicted” – Nengi assures Laycon, Vee celebrates Nengi, and lots more.
Vee tells Laycon that she is not worried about him in the upcoming Eviction as the two discuss how lucky Trikytee has been.

Vee celebrates Nengi winning HoH once again, while Ozo experiences different feelings.

Day 57: A team Nomination
For the first time, this season the Housemates were split into two groups to choose the four people who would stand for Eviction. This is how it all played out.

Before Nengi could jump for joy to celebrate her Head of House win, the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates were thrust into another trying situation. It all began with Biggie announcing the following: “Tonight’s Nomination process will be played in your groups. Each group will be given 30 minutes to deliberate and decide on two Housemates from the opposing team to Nominate for possible Eviction on Sunday. Head of House, you do not belong to any group and will have to sit this out.”

Day 58: I am not worried about you – Nengi tells Laycon

The Housemates have good time talking about how they dance to how they would react if a superstar chose their girl to come onto stage from the crowd.

Day 58: The regular members

Trikytee and Dora exclaim that they are the the regular members of the Eviction nominees, while Neo and Vee make into the Top 5 and celebrate with a kiss.

Day 58: Finding treasure with Flutterwave
Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates recieve a Flutterwave treasure hunt Task for the day!
After a day of relaxation in the lounge due to the rain, Biggie’s voice rang through the House for the HoH to come to him. She came out with a Flutterwave brief much to everyone’s interest. Flutterwave provides the easiest payment solutions for businesses around the world, who pride themselves in transforming payments in Africa and the rest of the world, here is the breakdown of the day.

The teams

Team Store: Trikytee, Dorathy- hide for team Invoice
Curfew relaxed

In more good news, curfew has been relaxed till 12 am, so they can still have much fun hanging out till late. But just like Cinderella, they have to be back home before midnight. Who knows, celebrity status might get them a free pass, but let’s not risk that. So when it’s almost midnight, its time to skedaddle.

We still can’t fly outside the country just yet

For some of the Housemates who plan on leaving the country or going on vacation, they might have to hold on a bit till international flights get the green light from the powers that be. This must suck for Housemates that won all-expenses-paid trips. Not to worry, it’s just delayed gratification. Once the airport opens, they will have a blast. In the meantime, since local flights have resumed, they can tour around the country and meet their fans.

Rainy Season is back

It’s been raining back to back for days now and it doesn’t look like it would be ending anytime soon. We know how moody the rainy days can be but the Housemates don’t have to worry, nothing can rain on their parade. They are stars now and not even the cloudy skies can dim their brightness. All they just have to do is make sure they take umbrellas along for their press tours. They don’t want to get wet while they make their way from the car into the different places they will be entering.

It almost feels like the Housemates stepped into the House yesterday and now that we approach the finale, it’s only fair the Housemates know what awaits them on the outside and what life is like now.

Day 58: Where would you travel to?
The Big Brother Naija Housemates might be in Lockdown but that does not stop them and us from reminiscing on times we could travel. Here are some of the places they found interesting to experience.

We know the lockdowns across the continent have been hard for many and travel is but a memory for most. That doesn’t stop the Big Brother Nigeria Lockdown Housemates from telling us where their favourite places are to travel across the world. Let’s take a look at the most interesting places our top seven have loved to be and why.

The grounded ones

Dorathy’s favourite place to be is Detta, her home town which she doesn’t visit very often. Her last trip was last Christmas describing it as a ‘great experience’. Similarly, Neo loved going to his hometown, saying he felt like a celebrity with all the attention he and his siblings got. Vee loved being in Badagry because it’s her hometown and felt completely different from her usual surroundings.

Trips to official places

Laycon said the most interesting place he had been to was the Lagos State Governors residence in 2018, where he actually walked into the compound which he found very interesting.

Into the continent

The most interesting place Trickytee said he had ever been to was Cotonou in Benin Republic. He said he loved the beaches and the friendly people. They have really amazing beaches and friendly people too! Nengi also picked Benin Republic too. She enjoyed her time on Casa du Papa Island because she visited as part of a party-loving group who would venture onto the beach at night, play games and get drunk.

Beyond Africa

Ozo said he really enjoyed being in Oslo where he travelled for the annual tech week and was blown away by the technology that he experienced while there.

We are sure it would be great to travel again and wonder, what places are on your list?
Team Invoice: Vee, Neo, Nengi – hide for team payment links

Team Payment Links: Ozo and Laycon – hides for team store

The tasks

The first Task was a treasure hunt where the teams would each have to hide various items for one other team to find the help of clue cards and items that were marked with their team names. The items were all connected to Flutterwave Payments. The breakdown ended up looking like this:

Team Store hid items for Team Invoice

Team Invoice hid items for Team Payment Links

Team Payment Links hid items for Team Store

When they were done hiding all the items on their list, the teams were to study a brochure provided by Flutterwave for 30 minutes as they waited to find all the items that they had hidden and to be told what was next on their agenda for the afternoon.

And so we begin!

The teams wasted no time in getting down to the business of hiding the trinkets provided to them and so, the Game was finally on.

Day 58: Life on the outside
As this season of BB Naija draws to a close, we explore what the Housemates likely to face on the outside?

Since the Housemates went into the Lockdown House, a lot of notable things have happened on the outside. Arsenal won the FA Cup, Chadwick Boseman passed away and we finally got to see Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan amongst other things. With a lot happening in the world right now, what are the Housemates most likely to face on the outside? Now would be a good time to explore some of the things the Housemates are about to face the moment it’s lights out in the Lockdown House.

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