“Bad advice” – Reactions as actress Laide Bakare advices women against ending relationships

  • Nigerian actress Laide Bakare, in an interview with Oyinmomo TV, advices women against ending relationships due to cheating, suggesting they could also consider retaliating in kind.
  • Bakare, set to marry for the third time, believes that all men are prone to cheating.
“Bad advice" - Reactions as actress Laide Bakare advices women against ending relationships

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare recently discussed her unusual thoughts on infidelity in an interview with Oyinmomo TV. She advised women to think about taking retaliation in kind rather than immediately ending relationships due to infidelity.

Bakare, who will soon tie the knot for the third time, stated she thought all men were capable of infidelity.

According to Laide Bakare, who is convinced that men are rarely faithful, women should respond to infidelity by having their own extramarital encounters rather than ending a partnership right away.

Bakare stressed in the interview how crucial it is to deal with infidelity maturely. She accepted that some women would decide to break up with their boyfriend after learning of their infidelity, but she also supports a more proactive approach: cheating back.

Bakare boldly declared that she would take revenge in kind if her current lover betrayed her.

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See some reactions below:

yesimprettyoma wrote: “Don’t cheat on him if the one providing all your needs make Dey no go serve you breakfast.”

_winwoman wrote: “Can we leave men and talk about survival in Nigeria at the moment.”

official_stephy_farrel wrote: “Why will u even have to abandon a man for cheating when u both can apologize later on and blame the devil then pray and move on simple.”

 @mz__yemmy wrote: “Speak for yourself madam cus mine don’t cheat .”

sbn_michael wrote: “Not all men cheat. Don’t downplay the decent men’s effort pls.”

mr_white_vibez wrote: “Sha check their marriage records before taking their advices .”

neneeeh wrote: “Bad advice, this is very wrong, don’t do it. Men and women are not the same thing. Know this and have peace.”

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