Amber Ray Explains How Her Daughter Saved Her From Public Humiliation

“Walikua wanangoja kuniita malaya,” Amber Ray said the insults she would have been subject to would have been something else.

In a post on social media, Amber Ray said that her critics were just waiting to see the face of her daughter Africanah Rapudo so that they could make a move on her.

The socialite recently unmasked her daughter’s face after eight months of hiding her.

Amber Ray and her partner Kennedy Rapudo were blessed with baby Africanah on May 12, 2023 but they hid her face until recently when they held an event to publicly unmask her.

The two lovebirds held an exclusive event at their posh home and invited their fellow celebrities to witness the unveiling of their daughter’s face.

Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna, Risper Faith were among celebrities who attended the event.

The occasion was black themed and guests were treated to overflowing champagne.

The couple revealed the face of their daughter while standing on the stairwell of their house.

Africanah wore a cute red dress while her parents held her affectionately.

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It was after the unveiling ceremony that Amber Ray took to social media to mock her critics.

The mother of two noted that haters would have called her a prostitute if baby Africanah did not resemble her father.

Amber Ray thanked God for saving her from the outpouring of insults that she would have been subjected to if her daughter had not taken after her father.

“Najua wasio nipenda walikua wanangoja @africanahrapudo akose kufanana na babake ndio waniite malaya kweli kweli lakini Mungu ni nani?” Amber Ray wrote.

Amber Ray prostitute

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