Alexx Ekubo laments how unexpected billing makes it difficult to save with striking reference

One of Nollywood’s most fashionable actors, Alexx Ekubo has revealed why it’s hard to save money in Nigeria, while citing a striking reference to buttress his point.

Alexx Ekubo said one will be minding their business, thinking about life and suddenly get struck with unexpected billing.

His striking example was how he was supposed to respond after getting a message stating that his grandmother ‘swallowed a cutlass’ and needs surgery.

In Alexx Ekubo words:

“Saving money in Nigeria is hard, you’ll be minding your business in the park, thinking about your life, next thing you’ll just receive text message:

“Brother, Grandma just swallow Cutlass” they need to perform an operation on her within the next 17mins if not her blood will congeal & evaporate. Pls how do I respond to this?.”

In other news, Nollywood actress Annie Idibia has shared her latest proud mother moments with her 13-year-old daughter who just left the country.

The mother-of-two hailed her first daughter, Isabel stating that she is worth ‘10 boys’, and wished her well in her journey to chase her dreams.

This is coming on the heels of backlash from Nigerians,  who slammed 2face and Annie Idibia for permitting the 13-year-old lady to wear revealing outfits.

Taking to Instagram to express how much she’d miss her darling Isabel, Annie Idibia penned a lengthy emotional note. She captioned:

“My sunshine. Most times I feel like I don’t deserve you —+ so blessed to have you call me mama!!! It’s hard to let you goooo..but can’t be selfish!!! Your dreams r valid. I am soooooo proud of you! 10boys in one angelic, sweet, humble, innocent, brilliant n determined young lady!!! 13 going on 30 with so much love in ur heart. My good luck charm sunshine.”

“Loveeee you. My first seed!! The most loving…most selfless.. sweetest child ever!! Pls don’t let the cruel world take away all d love u be inside!!!!! Grounded…humble….shy yet extremely confident!!! Best behave student” for d last how many years again????” 

In a follow-up video shared on Isabel Idibia’s Instagram story, her newly confirmed location was at a restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany.

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