“Aki Kusema Ukweli Waziri Hajawai Kula Hii Kitu” Azziad Deeply Hurt For Being Linked With Sports CS Ababu

Azziad Nasenya insists she has a boyfriend and that there is no way she would have a mubaba.

Speaking during an interview with Eve Mungai, Azziad noted that her family and close friends are hurt when people link her to Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba.

“In this life there is nothing as bad as accusing someone falsely, A lot of people will make noise and that’s okay. One thing I’ve been able to appreciate and to be grateful for is working hard. I am grateful I have favor. And you know what really comforts me is that at the end of the day yes I feel bad, it will hurt me that all my efforts is being associated to a certain thing, but the people who matter never listen. My friends, my brands, they do not believe that because they know Azziad they see how hard I work,” she said.

Azziad further insisted that she is a brand because of sheer hard work and not because of donations from wababas.

“Last time I checked it is behind every successful man there’s a woman. I’ve never seen a behind every successful woman there is a man. I think that is backward mentality, I don’t even know what to call it. You know at the end of the day someone who is projecting, someone who does not believe that ladies actually go out there and work hard, will still, associate it with certain things. It’s honestly sad that till date people still think like that.”

On the Dubai trip which sparked allegations she was sponsored by Ababu, Azziad explained that she works with a brand that markets Dubai to potential tourists.

“These are brands I have worked with for a long time for example, Visit Dubai came in this year, again kuja kulearn network. You never know who you are gonna meet. Visit Dubai, I got it from an agency in Nigeria, it’s just about packaging venye we hujipush, people are watching. So whatever you do it with all your might, with all the energy push yourself, invest in your self, For you to get money, you have to spend money, The moment you fear investing in yourself, hakuna kitu utapata.”

Azziad further added that her boyfriend is very supportive of her and that he is not affected with all the rumours flying around about her and the Sports CS.

“I also have a supportive boyfriend whom I grateful to, I have supportive parents. It feels bad -rumors- at the end of the day because you are human. But again let’s go back to people who matter do not care, they do not trust these people. I have a supportive system behind the internet that always has my back,” she said.

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