Afia Schwarzenegger is a big-time lesbian – Tonardo drops bombshell in new video

Nana Tonardo has once again made a serious and deep disclosure on live TV about his former best friend, Afia Schwarzenegger.

The once enviable friendly relationship between Actor Nana Tonardo and controversial media personality Afia Schwar is no more.

Consequently each other keep exposing themselves at the least chance they get either on the radio or on TV. In short, hatred and has taken over the heart of each other. Sad tho.

In the course of the interview on Kantanka TV, the host asked him about the emergence of his fall out with Afia Schwar and Tonardo said they are no more because she’s not a good person.

There he disclosed that Afia during their good days did so many bad things that really hurt him but kept quiet for some specific reasons.

Nana Tonardo speaking on Kantanka TV’s LinkUp program hosted by another contentious media personality, Mona Gucci revealed his former friend Afia is a big-time lesbian.

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