‘Adesanya is human trash, I want revenge – Paulo Costa slams the Nigerian UFC rival for his ‘disgusting’ celebration after winning their fight (video)

Brazilian UFC star, Paulo Costa has slammed his Nigerian rival Israel Adesanya for his ‘disgusting’ celebration after winning their fight.

The Nigerian middleweight undefeated champion, 31, defeated Costa with a second-round TKO win to retain his UFC middleweight title in Abu Dhabi over the weekend.

When the referee moving was in to end the bout, Adesanya mocked his opponent by pretending to have sex with Costa before moving away to celebrate the victory.

The humiliating moment didn’t go down well for Costa’s camp and the fighter has slammed Adesanya for his ‘disgusting action’ and wants to have a rematch.

“I come here to talk about the actions that the human trash did after our fight,” Costa said in an Instagram video.

“I didn’t see when I was there [in] the cage but I saw now and I disapprove 100 per cent. To me, this is [personal] now.

“Nobody will stop me. Nobody can stop me.”

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