Actresses Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu ‘kiss and makeup’ following public apology

Nigerian actresses Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu have kissed and made up to start their friendship afresh in 2023.

The best friends, who fell out in 2019, after Anita Joseph called out Uche Elendu, decided to start the year by rekindling old relationship.

Recall Anita Joseph had issued a public apology to Uche Elendu for calling her a ‘Witch’ over a hair-related issue.

The two beautiful actresses used to be friends until Anita landed a partnership deal with a hair company.

It all started in November 2019 when Anita called out her bestie in a video where she alleged that Uche Elendu who sells hair products, was angry at her for modelling the hair of another brand, and held it against her.

While addressing her as a witch who wanted her to remain broke, Anita recounted how she patronized Uche’s hair products numerous times despite not benefiting from her as her big customer.

Few hours before the new year 2023, Anita took to her Instagram page to apologize to Uche Elendu. She apologised to Uche for accusing her of practising witchcraft.

In the clip, Anita reteirated that she regretted her actions and missed their friendship.

In her words:

“To err is human and to forgive is divine”. Some years back, i called my best friend out, Uche Elendu

“I was hurt but i was not supposed to do that. I am using this medium to say am sorry“

“Baby girl you are not a witch, My family begged me to take down that video but i said no because i was hurt”. “I love you and i miss you, Am so sorry”.

Accepting her apology, Uche Elendu took to her comment section to send New Year greetings to her. She wrote:

“Happy New Year Nwamaka Fish”.

Reacting, Anita Joseph noted how the year is about to be a good one.

“My Love 2023 is a good year”.

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