Actress Uche Ogbodo Sends Message To Single Mums Days After Marriage To Younger Lover

Uche Ogbodo, a Nollywood actress, has encouraged single mothers as she celebrates her traditional wedding to her younger lover, Bobby Maris.

hitztv previously reported that Uche secretly married her second baby daddy 8 years after her marriage to footballer Apo Arthur ended in divorce.

The actress, who was heavily pregnant at the time, claimed that the marriage was full of lies but refused to elaborate.

Uche Ogbodo, on the other hand, went on a social media rant in 2021 with Nigerian blogger SDK, who revealed that the actress was dating a younger lover.

The controversial actress later revealed that she has found love again in the arms of a rising singer, Bobby Maris, with whom she has a baby girl.

Uche Ogbodo boasted that everything was paid in full on her Instagram page on Saturday, January 7, 2023, while sharing moments from the traditional wedding.

She also encouraged single women and mothers not to give up hope because God’s timing is always the best.

Uche stated that the right person will always find single mothers when they are not looking, and that they should work hard and forgive those who have hurt them.

She wrote:

Paid in full. Morning Motivation for my Single Ladies & Single Mothers gang who have given up hope ……. Gods Time is the Best , the right person is out there, he will find you when you ain’t even searching …. Just be yourself, work hard on yourself and leave your heart Open, Forgive who hurt you , Always Pray , and believe you will be ok.

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