Actress, Toro Aramide blows hot over her two-faced colleagues

Nigerian actress, Toro Aramide, has blown hot over some of her colleagues who she tagged ‘hypocrites’ in the industry.

Toro Aramide took to Instagram to chide some Nollywood actors for posting photos of one of their late colleagues when he died but didn’t extend the same energy when he celebrated his birthday a few days before his death.

The actress stated that such inconsistency is one of the reasons she refrains from making friends in the industry.

Aramide, on her Instagram page, wrote,

“Can you guys now see why i said i am not in the movie industry to make friends? Someone just died and they are busy posting his pictures.

“Meanwhile, his birthday was just few days ago and most of these people didn’t even wish him a happy birthday not to talk of posting his pictures. Hypocrisy.”

“If you like hate me, na your wahala be that o. I just know how to mind my business. Hypocrites everywhere.”

This is coming days after Murphy Afolabi’s death was announced to thousands of his fans and colleagues who have since paid tributes to the filmmaker on social media.

Afolabi died on Sunday morning, May 14 after a brief illness and collapsed at his residence in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State. He was buried on Monday.

Murphy Afolabi died 9days after he celebrated his 49th birthday on May 5.

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