Actress Etinosa Idemudia schools Slizzy over his comment on ‘Edo people’

Actress Etinosa Idemudia has schooled singer Slizzy over his comment about Edo people being cursed, while rebuking him for believing such notion.

Etinosa Idemudia who is quite vocal when it comes to things that are unpleasing to her, was recently honored by the Edo State government.

The actress seeing that Slizzy who is also from Edo made such a statement had her enlighten him, urging the singer to banish the idea from his mind.

According to Etinosa Idemudia, while some Edos are breaking their backs and trying everything humanly possible to make it, someone like him (Slizzy) is making excuses for himself by claiming the Edos have been cursed and that is the mentality that breeds crimes.

The actress also cautioned Slizzy to be watchful of what he believes and says, because according to the popular mantra ‘whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he’. Slizzy wrote:

“My Broda is just a pity, we Edos are cursed.”

Etinosa retorted:

“Let’s ignore him, let’s ignore him, Na so Osarobo turn to armed robber.

While others are breaking their backs to succeed, to make their family proud and put Edo on the map, some others are propagating discouragement, strife and division because of ignorance, bitterness, probably understandable frustration  and other reasons unknown to me.

With all sense of duty, I stand to correct this comment.
First, this comment was not necessary.
Second, We Edos are not cursed! We are blessed. Check out our collective achievements despite our constraints of being in the minority. The commenter and the 6 people that liked the comment are not cursed either. Maybe ignorant but certainly not cursed. There is power in what we call ourselves. Whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Let us all embrace a positive mindset so we all can move forward. God bless you.”

In other news, days after Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia called out comedian cum actress, Anita Asuoha popularly known as Real Warri Pikin for publicizing condolence visit for Ada Ameh, the comedian responded.

hitztv recalls days back, Etinosa Idemudia rebuked Warri Pikin for making a video of her condolence visit to late actress, Ada Ameh’s resident. Although Etinosa mentioned no names, it was clear the message was directed at Warri Pikin.

Ada Ameh’s best friend, Empress Njamah had set up a condolence register in Abuja for the late actress, which had celebrities in attendance.

Warri Pikin, who was among the celebrities invited had made a video of her visit. She made her personal assistant record her from when she walked into the event to all the activities that went on.

Angered by her recording of the heartbreaking moment, Etinosa chastised her both on her Instagram story and a recent interview on live TV.

She stated that if Warri Pikin was really touched and wasn’t doing it for publicity sighting, she wouldn’t have the mind to tell her P.A to hold the camera and record her activities.

She further stated that the comedian even had the heart to edit and even add a soundtrack to it.

In response to Etinosa’s outburst, Warri Pikin took to Instastories and simple wrote:

‘ I appreciate the few ‘pipo’ who understand the reason for my video’

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