Actor, Stanley Nweze speaks on what the lack of money does to men’s sanity

Nollywood actor, Stanley Nweze has revealed what the lack of money does to men.

Via his Instagram account, Stanley Nweze said men need money however, not just for responsibilities but sound mind.

According to him, the lack of money in men’s life affects their mental health. He wrote:

“Men need “MONEY” not just for needs/ responsibilities but for their sanity as well because as funny as it may sound lack of it has affected a lot of men mentally.”

hitztv recalls Stanley Nweze opined that one can only get real friends from childhood and this atones for ninety-five percent.

Nweze further noted that as everyone grows to a certain age, the orientation changes from that of an innocent child and the idea to make friends that can be ‘used’ to achieve goals in life sets in. He wrote:

“95% of real friends are from childhood because at a particular age in life everyone wants to make friends with people they can “USE” to achieve their goals”

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